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The Family Business Leader Podcast

May 20, 2020

“Everything just works better when we are on the same page.”


This is the perfect episode for those who work with their significant other. Whether you are stepping into a leadership and ownership transition or you are the founder of your business, if you work with your spouse, this is the episode for you. 


Here are a list of questions I asked Maggie:  

Maggie, tell us a little about yourself: How did you come to be "The Best Marriage Coach" in the world?

I have clients who work with their spouses-- the assumption is always, "things are so much better when we are on the same page". This is something I am calling "Same Page Leadership." Would you agree with this assumption? Why/why not? Do you see this in your work?

Team v. Alliance

When couples aren't on the same page-- what does that look like? Why aren't they on the same page?

    • The role of arguments: productive v. destructive
    • Maggie’s Understanding = Love Myth

What are a few ways/techniques/exercises spouses who work with each other can stay on the same page?

    • Two Tools to Get and Stay on the Same Page

You have a new book out-- tell us why you wrote this book?

Who is it for?

How can we find you?

Resources Mentioned: 

“Defense is the First Act of War” by Byron Katie

Complaint Free World

Eckhart Tolle

Better Marriage Club

Marriage LIfe Coach Podcast Emotional Weightloss Request vs. Demands

Full show notes: