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The Family Business Leader Podcast

Aug 5, 2020

This week’s episode is the final in the three part series with Richard N. Seaman, 2nd Gen Chairman of Seaman Corporation. 


In the first podcast episode, we learn about the Seaman Corporation’s family business story. The second episode was a BONUS on family philanthropy, and today, we are diving into the Richard’s latest book, A Vibrant Vision: The Entrepreneurship of Multigenerational Family Business.


“Addressing your personal, physical, and mental health is one of the greatest gifts you give not only yourself, but to the people who depend on you.” Richard N. Seaman


Richard has many lessons learned and wisdom he shares in his new book, A Vibrant Vision. He has lived it all and shares what works and what doesn’t. 


If you are running, or planning to run, a multigenerational family business, this is the episode (and book!) to check out. 


We discuss four of the  book’s 7 Lessons Learned, including the importance of innovation, human and resource management, and strategic and business planning. We end with why “Nourishing Your Spirit” is the best chapter in the book. 

Show notes: