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The Family Business Leader Podcast

Jul 21, 2021

Discover my two favorite tools to use when you know a tough conversation is coming. I’m sharing why knowing what hat you’re going to wear is so important, and how to focus on the things you can change, instead of getting frustrated about what you can’t.


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Jul 14, 2021

If you’re wearing the badge of busyness, I want you to join me on the podcast this week as I invite you to consider banning the word busy from your vocabulary. I’m sharing how we miss out on so much that life has to offer because we think we should be busy. And I’m giving you my favorite thing to think instead of,...

Jul 7, 2021

If you’re encountering difficult and often uncomfortable power dynamics in your family systems, trust me, you are not alone. Power dynamics are at play in all workspaces, but when you’re working so closely with your family, they can get really tricky. If this sounds familiar, you need to listen closely to this...