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The Family Business Leader Podcast

Feb 7, 2018

After selling his publishing company, my guest, Clint Greenleaf recalls being on flight to Hawaii with his wife and two young daughters. They were sitting in first class and Clint peaked behind his seat to check on the girls. That’s when he had a revelation:


“I thought, I spent a lot of time in the back of the plane... and if I’m not careful, my kids are going to miss the important lessons it took to get here.”


With that, Clint set out to learn all he could about teaching kids financial literacy and the value of money. From his research, Clint developed practical strategies—a set of tools in the toolbag—that he and his wife use with their children. We talk about what they do and more in this episode.    


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Meet Clint (1:40)
  • Build a network of knowledge (5:27)
  • Questions about money for you and your spouse (7:02)
  • What led to writing the books? (9:37)
  • Give, Save, Spend (12:20)
  • Using a family business for training (15:58)
  • Allowance: Clint’s perspective (21:22)
  • Making financial concepts fun and easy to understand (27:27)
  • Entrepreneurship and financial literacy (31:35)
  • What has worked for Clint’s family? (38:09)
  • The proof will be in the pudding (41:50)
  • Awareness is key (45:00)
  • How to connect with Clint (47:19)
  • Bonus questions (48:00)


Guest Bio:

Clint Greenleaf began his career as a staff accountant at Deloitte and Touche and earning his CPA.  After writing his own book, Clint started Greenleaf Book Group, which grew into one of the industry’s leading independent book publishers and distributors.  Representing over 30 NY Times and Wall Street Journal best sellers, the company was named one of INC's fastest-growing companies in America (INC 500 in 2006 and INC 5000 from 2007-2012).  Greenleaf Book Group was also certified by WorldBlu as a “Most Democratic Workplace” for transparent policies, employee engagement and leadership.  Clint sold the company in 2011, and stayed on as CEO and Chairman until 2014.  His newest venture is HomePlate Peanut Butter, an all-natural, no-stir peanut butter that is connected with professional baseball and other sports teams.  After completing two rounds of fundraising and generating rapid store growth, the brand is positioned for significant growth in the grocery space.


Clint speaks to various audiences throughout the world about the benefits of instilling financial literacy in people of all ages. Clint helps companies bring financial education into their organizations to help grow the bottom line, and his clients walk away with an understanding of how financial education of all employees can help advance a company. He works with families, home offices and financial advisors to create a framework for building financial competency in children so they grow up to be responsible adults, capable of managing their own money. Clint’s audiences learn the value of imparting financial knowledge to others and improving their own understanding about money, and they gain practical tools to be able to put that into action in their own lives and organizations.


Clint works with organizations around the globe as an author and speaker on entrepreneurship, financial education and innovation.  He is a regular guest on Fox Business Network, and his articles have appeared in American Express OPEN,, CNN Money, and The Huffington Post. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Fox, CNBC, CNN, MSBNC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and others. Clint and his wife reside in Austin, Texes with their 3 young children.


Notable & Quotable:


If you want your kids to learn about money, teach them what you care about and what matters to you. —Clint Greenleaf #successfulgenerations


We have wonderful opportunities being in the upper part of the economic spectrum and we have a responsibility that goes along with that. —Clint Greenleaf #successfulgenerations


The goal is to have the kids learn lessons now while they are at home and safe, before we send them out into the world. —Clint Greenleaf #successfulgenerations


If we want teach our kids about life, they need to learn about failure. —Clint Greenleaf #successfulgenerations


Every good entrepreneur fails and learns from their mistakes. If parents can allow kids to play in the field of entrepreneurship it allows them to learn what works and what doesn’t work. —Clint Greenleaf #successfulgenerations


Let kids borrow money and let them pay an inflated interest rate. They’ll learn pretty fast that borrowing can be dangerous.—Clint Greenleaf #successfulgenerations    


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Beyond the Piggy Bank: Parent’s Guide and Roadmap Exercise

What do People do all Day by Richard Scarry

Give Save Spend with the Three Little Pigs by Clint Greenleaf

Beyond the Piggy Bank: A Simple Plan for Raising Financially Capable Children by Clint Greenleaf

The First National Bank of Dad by David Owens


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