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The Family Business Leader Podcast

Dec 27, 2017

After losing her father and discovering that the causes of his death could have been prevented, Cynthia Damaskos made dramatic changes to her own life. She said goodbye to an unhealthy lifestyle and her job working in high-pressure tech sales. She threw herself into learning about health and wellness and became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. “I realized I needed to put my oxygen mask on first and then go out to help other people,” said Cynthia. In this episode, she shares her story and provides value bomb after value bomb to help listeners begin their own health journey.  


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Meet Cynthia (2:20)
  • My health journey (5:13)
  • Does health improvement start with a crisis? (6:05)
  • What is a certified health coach? (7:30)
  • Fat vs. sugar (10:34)
  • Who needs a health coach? (13:47)
  • Current trends (14:50)
  • Stress is okay (16:05)
  • Breathing techniques to combat stress (17:56)
  • Feel off? Try this (21:54)
  • When to involve a professional and how to find the right person for you (24:48)
  • When to start (31:42)
  • How to find Cynthia (35:22)
  • Bonus questions (39:10)


Notable & Quotable:


There is good fat and bad fat. You definitely want the good fat. —Cynthia Damaskos #successfulgenerations #health #wellness #holistichealth #functionalmedicine


My clients are tired of being tired, tired of not sleeping well, tired of not being able to lose weight. They are young and they know this wrong.—Cynthia Damaskos #successfulgenerations #health #wellness #holistichealth #functionalmedicine


The disease profiles in my clients are based on stress. —Cynthia Damaskos #successfulgenerations #health #wellness #holistichealth #functionalmedicine #stress


Stress can be a good thing—it can propel you to be the best person you can be. The key is how you handle it. —Cynthia Damaskos #successfulgenerations #health #wellness #holistichealth #functionalmedicine #stress


A lot of our health issues are based on what we are putting in our mouths and what we are breathing in. —Cynthia Damaskos #successfulgenerations #health #wellness #holistichealth #functionalmedicine


Health is 85% what you put in your mouth and 15% exercise. —Cynthia Damaskos #successfulgenerations #health #wellness #holistichealth #functionalmedicine


My rule of thumb: If you can’t recreate it in your own kitchen, you shouldn’t be buying it or eating it. —Cynthia Damaskos #successfulgenerations #health #wellness #holistichealth #functionalmedicine #cleaneating


You should have a health team and know that you are the CEO of your team. —Cynthia Damaskos #successfulgenerations #health #wellness #holistichealth #functionalmedicine


Think of your health as a cruise ship. It’s been going along and it takes time to change the direction. It’s a slow turn. —Cynthia Damaskos #successfulgenerations #health #wellness #holistichealth #functionalmedicine


Resources mentioned in this episode:


Cynthia’s website

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Functional Medicine Health Coach Program


Environmental Work Group

The Institute for Functional Medicine

Dr. Daniel Kalish

Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Axe


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