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The Family Business Leader Podcast

Jan 31, 2018

In one way or another, we are all on a health and wellness journey. My guests in this episode are dedicated to helping people on this journey through the practice of yoga. Ashley Yost and Mali Jane are co-owners of AM Yoga. In addition to classes in their studio, which is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they also offer virtual and corporate programs to bring yoga to people where they are.  This episode is perfect for you if you are looking to grow awareness, reduce stress, and be more purposeful and present in your daily life. 

As a yoga novice, I ask lots of questions to better understand the practice and how it relates to mind, body and spirit. We also try out through a breathing exercise and end with a guided meditation.

Fair warning: you may find yourself in an amazing state of relaxation upon listening to this episode. Enjoy!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Meet Ashley and Mali (3:15)
  • What does daily practice mean? (3:57)
  • Defining stress (4:53)
  • How to increase your energy (5:58)
  • What’s the relationship between energy and anxiety? (7:31)
  • “It’s a shower for your insides.” (7:55)
  • Breathing exercise (9:04)
  • Mali’s background: from naturopath to yogi (11:39)
  • Asana, meditation and breath (15:38)
  • Does yoga work for everyone?  (16:23)
  • Can yoga help your mind be more positive? (20:43)
  • 365 Program for individuals (23:42)
  • teAM Program for businesses (28:35)
  • Guided meditation exercise (32:02)
  • How to find Ashley and Mali (34:04)
  • Bonus questions (36:49)

Notable & Quotable:

We define stress as having too much to do and not enough time to do it. —Ashley Yost

Stress and work aren’t going away, but through a yoga practice you can feel better and increase your energy levels to get it all done. —Ashley Yost

A main source of energy is your breath. —Ashley Yost

A yoga practice is like a shower for your insides—washing away stress, helping you let things go and bringing balance back to your day. —Ashley Yost

Connecting back to yourself is the ultimate healing tool. —Mali Jane

If you can breathe you can do yoga. —Ashley Yost

Yoga is a state of being relaxed and highly aware. It’s not about putting your leg behind your head. It gives you tools for everyday life. —Ashley Yost

The physical body and breath are tools to help create presence. —Mali Jane

Presence makes you aware of your mind clinging to the negative. And once you aware, you can choose a different way. —Ashley Yost

Resources mentioned in this episode:

teAM—AM Corporate

365 Program

AM Yoga on Instagram


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