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The Family Business Leader Podcast

Dec 13, 2017

The holidays— full of magic, wonder, traditions, and more. For many families, especially those with young children, the holidays also involve presents, presents and more presents. (Seriously, so many presents).


My husband and I, like many of our friends with kiddos, are working to raise our little one to be mindful about money, spending, giving and investing. Through all the hustle and bustle, we find this time of year is packed with opportunities to create teachable moments with our son.


In this episode I’m sharing 10 of my favorite things you can do this season as a family to help raise financially responsible kids.


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Discuss wants vs. needs (3:10)
  • Practice one in, one out (5:35)
  • Set gifts aside for later (7:29)
  • Give an experience (8:52)
  • Make gifts (10:25)
  • Give together (12:48)
  • Pick a charity to support together (13:48)
  • Invest together (17:47)
  • Watch The Ultimate Gift (22:51)
  • Start a tradition of gratitude (24:28)
  • Write thank you notes (25:25)


Resources mentioned in this episode:


The Ultimate Gift

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