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The Family Business Leader Podcast

Jan 17, 2018

Susan Crites Price is a Washington, DC-based author and speaker. Her most recent book, which she co-wrote with her daughter, Julianna Price, is titled Generous Genes: Raising Caring Children in a Digital Age.


Susan worked as a freelance writer when her daughter was young. That’s when she was hired by the Council of Foundations to write a book about raising generous children. The book, The Giving Family, has been a perennial best seller for the Council. Following its publication, Susan joined the Council and served as the head of its Family Foundations Department and later moved to the National Center for Family Philanthropy.  


In this episode, Susan and I discuss when to start engaging little ones in giving, family volunteering, role modeling, helping children find their philanthropic voice and much more!   


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Meet Susan (1:30)
  • Why Generous Genes: Raising Caring Children in a Digital Age? (4:48)
  • When do you start this work with your kids? (7:26)
  • What is a generosity coach? (9:07)
  • How to help kids find their philanthropic voice (10:48)
  • Teaching kids when to say no (16:10)
  • The value of volunteer experiences (17:45)
  • Allowance, money personalities and matching gifts (22:16)
  • Who in your family was the generosity coach? (26:48)
  • What would you have done differently? (28:00)
  • Favorite resources (31:34)
  • Bonus questions (33:54)


Notable & Quotable:


We always talked about time, talent and treasure. Now we’ve added a fourth “T” for ties.

With the internet, kids have ties to people all over the world for their philanthropic efforts. —Susan Crites Price #successfulgenerations #giving #familyphilanthropy #nextgendonors  


Kids are online all the time and philanthropy is now an interesting part of it. —Susan Crites Price #successfulgenerations #giving #familyphilanthropy #nextgendonors  


A generosity coach is like a soccer coach. You teach the kids the fundamentals and put them on the field to execute. You provide support and guidance, but let them take the lead. —Susan Crites Price #successfulgenerations #giving #familyphilanthropy #nextgendonors  


We need to raise our kids to believe that in our family it is an expectation that we give and serve. —Susan Crites Price #successfulgenerations #giving #familyphilanthropy #nextgendonors  


Kids won’t be engaged if we don’t make giving fun. It’s okay to find things that kids will enjoy—that is why we call it the joy of giving. —Susan Crites Price #successfulgenerations #giving #familyphilanthropy #nextgendonors


Kids are born with a natural instinct to be generous. It is up to us to nurture it. —Susan Crites Price #successfulgenerations #giving #familyphilanthropy #nextgendonors  


Resources mentioned in this episode:


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