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The Family Business Leader Podcast

Jan 24, 2018

Paige Cornetet is a fourth generation family business owner and she’s involved in her family’s council. She’s also an entrepreneur who runs her own business, Millennial Guru. In this episode, Paige shares what it was like growing up in the Cornetet household with parents who were very purposeful in raising business-minded children. We cover everything from family values, to allowance, athletics, education and social graces.

Paige shares so many examples of activities her parents used to share their financial, human and intellectual capital with their children. If you are raising children in a family business and you want to groom them to be amazing business owners, this episode is for you!     

A handout to accompany this episode is available in the resources below.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Meet Paige (2:11)
  • About the 90+ year old Cornetet family business (3:25)
  • Learning Cornetet family sayings, laws and values (4:32)
  • Earn, save, spend and the Cornetet National Bank (10:28)
  • Saturdays with Dad (15:21)
  • Education for the Cornetet children (22:05)
  • “Don’t you dare disappoint your mother” (22:54)
  • Family traditions—daily, weekly, monthly and GUTS (26:11)
  • Choosing to be an entrepreneur over the family business (30:29)
  • Bonus questions (33:00)

Notable & Quotable:

If you’re intentional or not, you are always going to instill your values in your children. —Paige Cornetet #successfulgenerations #nextgen #familybusiness

The concept of compound interest applies to learning—it’s compound education. —Paige Cornetet #successfulgenerations #nextgen #familybusiness

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Millennial Guru

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