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The Family Business Leader Podcast

Jul 15, 2020

“I’m too busy to think about retirement!” 


In today’s episode, Kathy and I talk about retiring as the leader of a family business. Many family business leaders consciously or unconsciously decide they are going to retire “feet first.”


We discuss the many problems this creates AND several solutions. 


Jul 9, 2020

Full show notes can be found at: 


Question we started with: 

How does family philanthropy play a role in your family business? 


We talk about how family philanthropy: 

  • Helps us give back
  • Creates multigenerational sustainability
  • Allows the next generation to...

Jul 1, 2020

Do you like to learn about family businesses like I do? 

Here is Part 1 of 2 (and a bonus episode) with Chairman and 2nd Generation of Seaman Corporation. 

Seaman is a global industrial fabrics manufacturer based in Ohio. 

In this episode, Richard talks about how the family business got started, why he lost 10% of...